2 Course Challenge Accepted! Race Weekend Recap

A little while back I took part in the inaugural Lumiere’s 2 Course Challenge at Walt Disney World.  This challenge is running Remy’s 10k on Saturday then running the Wine and Dine half marathon on sunday.  Disney has a challenge for every race weekend now but this was the first year for wine and dine and I knew I had to participate.


Since this wasn’t the first year for the race in general the expo and packet pick-up ran smoothly.  This isn’t the first challenge Disney World has done either so the 10k went off without a hitch and the course was a pretty decent course with quite a bit of time spent in Epcot.  I decided to run with Brittany for this race #1 because she is my good friend and we don’t get to spend much time together and #2 she does the run/walk method which my coach said i should do this weekend to keep my legs fresh.


For the 10k I cant say I noticed any pain or issues.  I took water at all the water stops, we had a solid pace and finished with a 1:12 time which is a solid 10k time.  I think the biggest thing to note here was I felt great physically and mentally.  It was so nice to run with someone to keep my mind off the pain and frustration I normally experience on runs by myself.  It was so great i decided to run with Brittany for the half on the next day.  I knew she was going to do the run/walk method again and I knew I didn’t want to be by myself again for the half.  Decision made to have a running buddy, photo-op with Remy, then later that night pizza loaded that night at dinner and an early bed time set us up for a great race.


Sunday started off great because its daylight savings!!!  We got an extra hour of sleep and it was much needed.  Those 3am wake-up calls are no joke.  We get to our corral and almost right away we are off!  The weather was great, albeit a little warm and we plugged along.  Unfortunately this was the most boring Disney race course I have run almost to date which made me even more thankful I had Brittany to run with.  There were a few characters but none I really wanted to stop for.  We did make a quick stop for Darkwing Duck but that was the only one.


About mile 9 we hit a stretch of solid highway and full sun.  At this point the sun just zapped us and the pace slowed but we kept going.  2 more evil overpasses later and we are in the final stretch.  We cross the finish line and just like that the race is over with a 2:37 time.  I can honestly say running with Brittany helped me break through that horrible mental block I’ve been struggling with and made me realize the benefits to the run/walk method.  I plan on training like that for the marathon because I have never felt better post race than I did Sunday and the subsequent days.  THANKS BRITT YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!


After we got our medals it was photo-op time and we stood in line to meet Lumiere (it was his challenge after all) and then Donald because Donald is #1 yall!.  After pictures it was a race back to the finish line to see Brittany’s husband finish his first ever half marathon and yall, I had all the emotions watching him finish.  It reminded me of mine and Joe’s first half marathon and made me wish my husband was still running with me.  It was bittersweet but seeing someone you know finish their first race is heartwarming.  Things like that remind me why I love to run.


Overall it was a great race and relatively un-eventful.  Using the Galloway run/walk method really helped me not be sore and miserable after races like I usually am so I will be using this for Avengers weekend as well.  This is the most fun I’ve had running in a very long time so mission accomplished for my race goals!  Here’s hoping the legs hold up for next weekend!


CHIME IN!!!  Do you run with friends?  Have you tried the galloway method?  What does you perfect race day look like?

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