Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day!!!  I hope you are spending time with the ones you love and are remembering all that you are thankful for this year.  I know I have a lot to be thankful for and wanted to share a little of that with you today!

Things I’m Thankful For:

  • The fact that I know I am saved (the big G-O-D, we’re pals)
  • Supportive Husband that lets me plan all these crazy vacations
  • Supportive family that is helping me grow my vacation planning business (check me out here, shameless plug)
  • Dream Come True Vacations for giving me the change to have a job I love and not “just a job”
  • A body that can handle all the stress I put it through with countless half marathons and now marathon training
  • 2 beautiful puppies that drive me crazy and keep me sane all at the same time
  • A roof over my head and 4 wheels to take me places
  • The means to live a life we enjoy
  • YOU!  Thank you for being here and giving me support and encouragement 🙂

This list could go on forever but those are my tops.  I hope you have a lot to be thankful for this year and remember that today is not just about eating delicious and fattening food but also taking time to be thankful.  Not everyone is as fortunate so to me its important to acknowledge that we are truly blessed.

Enjoy the day Friends 🙂



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