Workout Recap 11/29-12/5

Back to training on treadmills this week and upping the mileage for another week!  Can someone please come keep me company on my long runs?

Tuesday:  The mexican food we had for lunch yesterday was making its presence known this morning so I slept some more and let things settle.  Luckily we finished with our appointments early today and I was able to get the run in before dinner.  4 miles with an average pace of 11:57.  These slow runs I’m am digging, my legs have been so tight lately I don’t think they could move much faster if I wanted them to.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses after the run.  What a view from the treadmill right?!

Wednesday:  Remember that time housekeeping took my running shorts and make me dread my afternoon run?  No, oh right cause that just happened today.  Dont even get me started on this terrible hotel I wont be staying here again.  Anyway…40 minutes with 8min repeats.  8 minutes at 11:19 pace and 8 minutes at 8:59 pace then a cool down.  I did NOT want to do this today my calves have been so tight its stupid but I did it anyway.  These muscles arent going to get stronger on their own.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses right after.  Did I mention housekeeping took my shorts, cause they did.  I mean the white bike shorts I wear to keep from chaffing, yeah pretty important piece of clothing.  Stupid housekeeping.

Thursday:  No under-shorts saga continues!  Hello chafe city, luckily I had vaseline in my bag but there is only so much you can do.  Did 4 miles with an average pace of 12 for an easy recovery run.  What a view from the hotel room right?!  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.

Friday:  Rest day and we continue putting up christmas lights!  Almost there!  Fingers crossed for me tomorrow that the rain holds off I need to get 16 miles in and have no intention of doing that on the treadmill.

Saturday:  Its raining its pouring this girl got back to snoring.  It rained ALL DAY.  I was going to run in the morning but it was cold and raining too hard then I had plans the rest of the day so I pushed the run back to tomorrow.  I really hate running in the cold rain and I could not even fathom the idea of running 3 hours on a treadmill.  Still did my stretching and foam rolling to work out the kinks in the legs.

Sunday:  Well its a little anti-climatic but I did 13 miles out of 16 because this rain man it just got to me.  I reached a point of being 100% done and that was just it.  A little slower than scheduled at 11:47 but meh its raining so I blame it on that.  Now to dry out the shoes.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night and a nice hot bath to warm my soul.

Monday:  Rest day!  Its still raining guys.  STILL.  No complaints yesterday was a long day with the run and pasta sauce/meatball making so Im going to vegetate tonight.  And stretch of course.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling yoga poses that night.

CHIME IN!!!  Do you run in the rain?  Are your christmas lights up?  What was your longest run this week?

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