Perks of Southern Winter Running

I don’t think you can really say we have winter in the South.  It rarely gets below 20 degrees and if that does happen its only for a few hours.  I see meme’s all the time about how horrible it is to run in the winter and it got me thinking.  Running in the winter in the south isn’t that bad!  I actually look forward to it.

  • Yes its cold, its not ice on the ground, blizzard warning cold but its still cold


  • All those long sleeve tech shirts I got from fall races are now coming in handy.  Who needs a jacket, long sleeves are enough


  • Too cold in the morning, go at later in the day it will warm up


  • No need to buy all that winter running gear!  Gloves, bah who needs them.  Ear warmers, hand warmers, fleece lined pants, yeah I don’t need any of that.


  • Snow slowing you down, not in the South!  What is snow anyway?


  • Training in the winter is like a vacation to the hell that is summer training.  Or should I say training in the firery inferno


Stay running my friends 🙂

CHIME IN!!!  Where my southern runners at?  Have you ever run in a snow storm?  Favorite season to run, go!


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  1. London doesn’t get blizzard cold, but it does get chilly! Once I was doing a 15 miler along the Thames and I hit two separate hail storms! It was kinda brutal…!

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    1. yikes hail storms! that is brutal. i ran in London last January and it was SO COLD!!! and the sun takes forever to come out i dont know how you do it!


  2. Haha this is perfect. While I’m not as south as you, it’s still pretty accurate most of the time.

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    1. thanks! i still want to one day run once in snow. life goals 😉


  3. Ashley Dailey says:

    Winter running is my favorite!! It’s usually super quite and peaceful. Even better if there is snow involved! Snow running is a lot of fun! 🙂

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    1. I’m super excited to see all your pics this season!!!

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      1. Ashley Dailey says:

        I see what you did there!!! 😄😄😄

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