Workout Recap 12/6-12

Its finally getting cold outside and finally I’m not sweating my booty off!  I forget how nice it is to run in this weather because the summers are so horrible!  Lets talk about my “rest” week this week.

Tuesday:  5 easy miles today.  This is what I mean by I forget about the good weather.  My pace should have been 11:37 but ended with 11:03 because my legs felt good and I wasn’t hot as hades.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.

Wednesday:  I hate this workout.  I mean out of all the worksouts my coach has given me this one is by far my absolute least favorite.  10min repeats with the pick-ups at 8:54 pace.  For once I actually did all 10 minutes but hated almost every second of it.  Finished with an average pace of 10:25 and a little shy of 5 miles but I was done with today. D-O-N-E.  10 minutes stretching and foam rolling tonight, not as much as a I normally do because we got home a little late from a holiday party.  Yeah we fancy 😉

Thursday:  Recovery run today!  5.2 miles with an average pace of 10:53 which was a whole minute per mile faster than I should have gone.  Whoops!  I have been using the interval function on my garmin but the only drawback is it doesnt beep at you with each mile and average pace.  When Im running I really dont want to do math so I go mostly on feel.  I guess the cooler weather and crazy winds made me think I was going slower than I actually was.  Whoops!  Oh well I felt good so there’s that.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.

Friday:  Rest day today and I am so tired!!!  I plan on going to bed super early like the old person I am and getting plenty of rest for my long run tomorrow.  Also its really cold out right now so Im staying inside nice and cozy like with the pups.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.


Saturday:  Officially LONGEST RUN EVER today with 17 miles exactly with an average pace of 11:30.  So I’m gonna ask yall because you can maybe relate…after this run and my 14 miles I had a super sore “pain” where my bladder is.  Like…not my bladder but whatever muscles is there.  Anyone else have this issue, know what it is or how to deal?!  Just me, I’m weird, gotcha!  Well after the run I took a nice long detox bath, got a hour massage (which wasn’t great) then had the stellar idea of walking a few more miles with my SIL for lights in the heights.  So…tired…cant…walk…need…sleep.  No foam rolling tonight because of the massage.

Sunday:  A rest day on a sunday?!  What’s this?!  So happy about this.  Sleeping in with no agenda for the day, pure bliss friends.  Pure bliss.  My body definitely needed the rest after yesterday but I did get some QT on the feet.  Its baking season y’all!  Gingerbread cookies for everyone!!!!!

Monday:  Rest day from running and got a few blogilaties videos in.  My back has been hurting from the long runs so I need to get it back in shape before marathon day is here.  Gotta love big hotel rooms with plenty of space!  15 minutes foam rolling / yoga poses / stretching that night.

CHIME IN!!!  Ever had that weird bladder whatever pain?  Do you bake for the holidays?  Whats your favorite holiday tradition?

6 thoughts on “Workout Recap 12/6-12

    1. i follow her monthly calendar its on there are a few videos each day none more than 15 minutes. some days I just do 2 (because they are so hard!) there was only 1 video i’ve done that i didnt like and it was a dance halloween thing but all the others have worked my butt off in such a small amount of time


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