Tips for Keeping Your Fitness on Track Even While on the Road

Most of you know I travel quite a bit for my job as well as my personal life.  With 4 half marathons and 3 10k’s this past year it was very important to stay on track with running no matter where I was in the world.  Here are some tips to stay on track even when it seems like you cant.


  • Have a plan.  Even if its just “walk instead of taking the bus” that’s a plan.  Stick to it.  I have the blogilaties calendar on my phone as well as a running plan.  I may not follow them 100% to the letter but its a place to start.
  • Bring your gear with you.  I’ve been abroad for a few longer runs so I made sure to bring my water gear, gels, breakfast, shoes, everything like that with me so there are zero excuses.  Plus running in NYC was pretty fun.  Yes lugging all that with me was pretty inconvenient but so is missing a crucial training run.
  • Find an app or YouTube series you can follow.  I’ve mentioned here I love Blogilaties because almost all of her videos need zero equipment and most are pretty quick to do but have serious burn.  I have used sworkit (an app, review here) in the past and thought it was ok.  I prefer Blogilaties though because Cassey is so upbeat and keeps me moving.  Her workouts have saved me on trips like LA and South Padre.
  • If you cant workout, at least get moving.  When we were in Paris we walked at least 10 miles each day.  I may not have been running but that was time on my feet with my body moving.  If you are in a city where you can either walk or talk public transportation, walk if its feasible.  Walking is also a great way to see a city.
  • NO EXCUSES.  Yeah sure I would rather sleep an extra hour or two, but I would rather not lose my fitness momentum either.  Its so easy to say “its ok Ill just take this day off’ and that day turns into a month turns into a year.  Stop making excuses and get up and get moving.
  • Treat yo self!  So this is probably not the best for the health portion of fitness but sometimes you have to reward yourself for doing something you don’t want to do.  In NYC, after that 8 mile run I went and had a delicious brunch with a bloody mary and pancakes.  Should I have eaten all those carbs, probably not, but I sure felt like I deserved them.


  • Have an accountability buddy.  Mine happens to be my coach and she knows when I miss a workout or not.  She never gives me a hard time for it but at the same time knowing someone is basing next week’s workouts on what you do this week keeps me motivated.  This could also be a friend that works out and you text each other gym selfies or something silly like that.  Have someone hold you accountable.
  • Do it for the stats!  If you have a GPS watch, it stores the map of your run.  This is the big nerd in me but sometimes I like to look back at those maps to see where I have run.  Its cool to see Paris, London, Amsterdam all on my history.  Don’t you want to see that too?!
  • Find your reason why.  This is a general note and not just travel specific.  If you don’t know why are you working out chances are you are far less likely to keep it up when traveling.  My reason right now is I’m training for a marathon.  My reason in March wont be the same but I’ll still have a reason to keep me focused.  Fitness goals with no aim or goal usually fizzle out.  Once you have established your why it makes things a little easier.

CHIME IN!!!  How do you stay fit when you travel?  What’s the craziest workout you did while away from home?  Where’s your next adventure?

4 thoughts on “Tips for Keeping Your Fitness on Track Even While on the Road

  1. Travelling and staying fit are tricky to do! I got to West Palm Beach (FL) annually, and have learned to love running there! Although humid, I generally pick a route along the ocean for a nice view that I’m not granted in Toronto! My next adventure is Croatia in May, so I’m excited to run there and take in the scenery!


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