Running Gear I’m Loving Lately

Its been a while since I’ve talked about the running products I use so I thought now would be a great time to do a round-up of products Im loving right now.  There are links to the sites but its just to make things easy for you, no affiliate or anything like that.  In no particular order, away we go!

My Brooks shoes:  I am rotating between two pair right now the Launch 3 (review here) and the Glycerin 14 (review here).  I love both of them but they are both about to be retired from all the miles of marathon training.  I love the launch for speed runs they make me feel like Im going super fast and give my feet a lot of room to expand.  The Glycerin I love for longer runs they feel like they have more cushion but propel me forward.  I did have to get a different pair and go with the wide’s but now that I’ve done that these shoes are wonderful.

CEP compressions sleeves.  I love these sleeves.  I’ve tried ProCompression and they just don’t seem to have the same effect as CEP.  Granted CEP is said to be clinical grade so there’s that.  I also don’t like me feet to have compression I get crazy foot cramps so these win.  I have 3 pair right now.  I just wish they came in fun designs like ProCompression does.

Garmin Forerunner 235:  Me and this watch have our moments of frustration but on the whole I still love it and am glad I made the investment.  Check out my review of it here.

Cliff vanilla gel shots:  I’ve been training with them all season and love them.  I’ve tried other brands and other flavors but my body just responds much better to cliff.  Im ok with it Amazon Prime sells a box for a great price!  On cold runs I do have to warm them up in my hands though otherwise its hard to eat.

Nuun:  It took a while but I’m totally on the nuun bandwagon.  What I hated about it was the sparkling quality it would add to my water.  I’ve solved that problem by adding it to my water the day before and most of the sparkling goes away by the morning.  I love how it makes me feel hydrated and I’ve even started drinking a glass of water with one tab the night before a race just to make sure I’m full of hydration goodness.  I don’t have a favorite flavor yet but grape was surprisingly good.

VS Lightweight Sports Bra:  Me and sports bras, we have a history.  Its really tough to find a good sports bra that lets you breathe but gives you enough support that the girls aren’t flying all over the place.  I finally found that in this bra.  It takes a few wears to break in around the arm pits but once that’s good to go its perfect.  I don’t struggle to get breath (other bras would sit too low and constrict my breathing), I don’t feel like its too heavy and it comes in a bunch of fun colors.  I have 5 right now and am getting ready to throw all my other ones away I love it that much.  Warning though, they aren’t easy to get off so you will be doing the sports bra removal dance.  Oh and with this bra I had the first ever boob chafe.  The fabric doesn’t do the absolute best job of sweat wicking, but then again in 90 degree heat there is only so much it can do.  Winter running I’ve had no issues but when I was sweating a lot plus pouring water down my shirt and head I would have to use vaseline to prevent chafing.  You have been warned.  Still doesn’t stop me from loving this bra though.

Feetures socks:  I’ve tried 4 different brands and styles of socks and these are now my favorite.  They are thick, don’t get my feet hot in the summer but keep them warm in the winter.  They help with water issues when I run in a puddle and I don’t need to double sock it when I wear the super thick ones.  I did double sock on this last 17 mile run, but come on it was 17 miles, you gotta double sock that.  I love the colors they have and the tabs on the back of the sock that keep them from going in the depths of the shoe.

Fuel belt:  I love this fuel belt because #1 it doesn’t slide around like my old one would.  #2 there are 3 bottles which means during the summer 1 bottle is hydration mix and the other 2 are water.  #3 its lightweight and doesn’t feel bulky during a run.  I did have to buy a different brand holder for my phone because the standard holder is really only big enough for gels.  Other than having more than one water container having storage for my phone/key/ID/money was a big reason I bought this particular belt.  While the pouch that came with the belt didnt fit I was able to find an attachment that did work.  I cant find the exact model of pouch anymore but this one works great.

CHIME IN!!!  What gear are you loving right now?  Do you have a favorite bra or sock?  What watch are you using right now?


5 thoughts on “Running Gear I’m Loving Lately

  1. Now that I’ve gotten some miles in my Glycerins, I am loving them. I use my Launch for cross training as I needed something that felt lighter, but my Nike standbys were failing at giving me good support, so now I’m a Brooks girl all the way!

    I feel like I’m the only person out there who uses the CEP compression sleeves, so I’m glad to see I’m not the only one!

    My favorite item that I paid full price for was my AfterShokz Treks Titanium headphones. They are wireless and conduct sound through the bone so you get music and the safety of what’s going on around you. I had major wire issues once and I can’t imagine dealing with wires again!

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