What’s so Great About a Cruise Anyway?

ICYMI I posted a video on my Vacation Planning page talking all about Disney Cruise Line.

The video is specific to Disney Cruise, if you have time give it a view.  I know its a little long there is just so much information to share!

The video is specific to Disney so let’s talk general terms though on why I love cruises so much.

  • You get to visit multiple destinations but all your luggage is in one place!  Speaking from experience it really sucks taking a multi-city vacation for the simple fact that you have to bring your luggage all over the place.  Cruises make that so much easier!  Unpack all your things, get settled into a room and visit ports without all the hassle of baggage.   LOVE IT
  • There are so many places to go!  Alaska, Norway, Mediterranean, British Isles, European River Cruises, Mexico, Bahamas, and so many I’m leaving out.  Cruising allows you to check a few destinations off your travel wish list for one price and on one convenient ship.


  • Cruising is still elegant.  Its so strange but taking a cruise (ok maybe not carnival) is like going back in time when dressing up for dinner was a thing.  I love formal night on the ship I feel so glamorous.  Dining is relaxed and slow paced while the entertainment is top notch.  I can see why that was the way to travel for the rich and famous back in the day.
  • So…much…food.  I ate like a king and had zero regrets about it.  Now not all cruise lines are the same in food caliber so if you are looking for a good dining experience look to Disney, Norwegian or Princess.  Oh the food though!


  • Easy to plan.  I mentioned ports earlier, but don’t worry cruise lines have you covered with port adventures!  While the list may be hard to narrow down I’m confident you will find something that piques your interest.  The great thing about this is you don’t have to do all the research, the cruise line has done it for you.  All you have to do is pick the one you like the best.  Aside from port adventures, the travel to each city is covered (your on a boat!), the food, the entertainment, its all pre-planned for you.  What’s required of you?  Wake up when you want and participate in what you want.  I LOVE this so much.
  • There is so much to do!  On board you can go to the pool, the spa, fitness center, lounges, bingo, some have casinos, clubs, and the list goes on.  I have quite a few people ask “well don’t you get bored?”  My answer is HECK NO, if anything there is too much to do!  The hard part is deciding what you want to do.


  • Best sleep you ever had.  I bet you are looking at the screen like Im crazy but let me know tell you, the rocking of the boat lulls you to sleep like when you were a baby.  I thought this would trigger my motion sickness but it was so peaceful and relaxing I slept the best I ever had on vacation.  No joke guys, rocked to sleep like a little baby and it was glorious.


Before you ask, let me answer the MOST COMMON questions I get asked: “But I get motion sickness, I don’t think I can handle a cruise.”  Speaking first hand as someone who has frequent motion-sickness issues I will say I only had 1 night on a 7-night cruise where the seas were so choppy I almost got sick.  To be fair, other cruisers who have been on several cruises…A YEAR…said that was the roughest patch they had ever experienced.  I didn’t get sick but I did take a Dramamine which helped tremendously.  I never had to take a patch, I never had to eat the ginger gum I brought, and other than that 1 night I never had to take a Dramamine.  I was really nervous about getting sick (previous house boat encounters did not go well for me at all) but luckily everything was fine.  Rest assured fellow motion-sickness sufferers you will be just fine.


There you have it, quite a few reasons to go on a cruise.  Now its your turn, what is a reason you haven’t been on a cruise yet and let me help you get over that hurdle!

Don’t forget, I can help you plan your vacation to Disney, Universal, Cruises or ANYWHERE!!!  Here is the link to my facebook page or email me at Rachael@DreamComeTrueVacations.com

CHIME IN!!!  Let me hear your reasons why not a cruise!!  If you have been on a cruise add to my list!!


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