How to Pick a Vacation Destination even on a Budget

There are some many great places in the world to visit sometimes it seems hard to even figure out where to start.  Never fear future travelers I am here to help!  In a completely different post writing style I have a fun game to help you pick your destination!


Let’s play pick your own adventure!  Before we plan our getaway, think of a destination, any destination that you want to go to.  It could be a beach, a city, a far off dessert, just imagine a place you know you would love to go.  Got your place in mind, ok lets start with #1.  If you cant figure out a specific place to go start with #0.


#0- Too many places to choose from or just have no idea where your ideal vacation is?  Try this-what do you want to experience.  Is it the beach, maybe its a safari, maybe you’ve always wanted to see the largest ball of twine, or maybe you want to unplug and get off the grid.  Name a type of vacation and there is a place to fit that.  What I like to do is use sites like Lonely Planet or Pinterest (if you can believe it) as a starting point.  This will help you narrow down your big idea to specific places.  From that list of destinations then you can figure out a specific spot to start with.  For example lets say you want to go to a beautiful beach.  Search Lonely Planet for “world’s most beautiful beaches” and a whole list will come up.  From that list the Maldives looks the most beautiful.  Now I have my specific location! Once you have your specific spot move on to #1.


#1- Can you drive to this destination?  If yes go to #2 if no to go #4.

#2- If you can drive to the destination, is it feasible to do so?  For example, if you are traveling with kids can they make the trip and you live to tell the tale.  If its just you how many stops would you have to make and how long would it take.  If the answer to this question is no go to #4.  If the answer is yes go to #3


#3-Then drive!  Map out your route, make sure your car has good tires and a recent oil change.  Driving saves a lot of money and can be very convenient to have a car in your destination. Now that you know how to get to where your going move on to step #6


#4- Can you get to this destination by another means of transportation like a train or plan or boat?  If yes go to #5 if no start back at the beginning.  If you cant figure out a way to get to your destination, you probably don’t need to go there anyway!


#5- Find out how much it would be to travel to the destination.  Flexible travel dates will give you the best chance of finding a great deal.  After you researched the cost of getting to your destination is it within your budget so far?  If no go back to the beginning and think of a new destination.  Remember its not always the right time to go to say Australia but it might be the right time to visit Vancouver.  If the answer is yes go to #6


#6- Destination picked, mode of transport decided, now its time to talk accommodations.  Can you find a place to stay that is within your budget?  If yes go on to #7 if no go to #8.


#7- Book your accommodation.  I usually book refundable rates in case I change my mind on the property or find a better deal closer to my travel dates.  Non-refundable rates are almost impossible to get changed even if you find a better deal.  Now that your accommodation is booked go to #9


#8- Are you sure you cant find an accommodation?  Have you thought about Air B&B, hostel, apartment rentals, unique accommodations.  Sometimes hotels will be sold out but the cute B&B down the street is ready to check you in.  Take one more look.  If you can find a place to rest your head move back to #7, if you cant then start the process over again with a new destination.


#9- Destination, check.  Transportation, check.  Hotel, check.  Now plan your adventure!  I’ve already done a post about that (click here) so I wont do that again but its really that simple.  There are quite a few apps out there that help you find amazing airfare (I use the hopper) but like I said if you  have flexible dates its a lot more likely you will find some great travel deals.  After you plan your adventure move on to #10.


#10- GO HAVE FUN!!!  Travel the world, see new things, have life experiences.  Immerse yourself in a new culture, break boundaries you thought you had.  But most of all, have fun and make memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.


When you enlist the services of a travel planner (such as myself) they can help you figure out where you want to go, when the best time to go would be and find some unique accommodations to stay at.  Travel Planners take all the work out of vacation planning for you and the concierge level service I provide is included with the package price.  Best of all I’ll do the deal hunting and research for you.  Its what I love to do 🙂  You can email me at or like my page on facebook.


CHIME IN!!!  Where is your dream vacation?  Do you have a hard time figuring out where to go on vacation?  What is holding you back?



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