Workout Recap 1/10-16

Post marathon week and that means recovery week.  I’m also on a Disney Cruise and have no intention of working out so this recap is going to be bare bones 🙂

Tuesday:  Day at Sea and a day spent walking around the boat, meeting Disney Characters and having an all around leisurely day.  Perfect for my tired muscles.  No foam rolling because, hello, its a cruise room and there is no extra space for that kind of thing.


Wednesday:  I actually did a 5k today!  Today was Castaway Cay Challenge day.  What that means is you ran a race during Walt Disney World marathon weekend, then you took this cruise and ran the 5k on the island.  There is a special medal in addition to the plastic one they give out.  I decided to run this a little faster and earn that A coral I was given.  I finished in 31 minutes and that’s including 2 character stops!  Too bad the course wasnt timed or that would have been a nice 5k time.  Stopped to meet Donald post race in his fancy beach wear.  No stretching or foam rolling again cause of space.


Thursday:  Nassau beach day and some walking around the beach and the Bahamas.  My calves are still pretty painful, like that weird pain I had leading up to the race but I think its just because I haven’t been able to foam roll just yet.


Friday:  Back on dry land and headed straight to Epcot for the first day of the Festival of the Arts.  It was a rainy day but I still managed to get my 10,000 steps in for the day.


Saturday:  We hit up Magic Kingdom before a long day on the road.  We got a few steps in but not as many as I was hoping for since we left a little earlier on account of the silly rain.


Sunday:  We are home!!!  Unpacking today and resting my poor body.  15 hours in a car is not as fun as it sounds 😛  Oh I also decided to fire my coach today so I guess I should have lead with that.  More to come in marathon recap.  No foam rolling or anything today, I needed it I just didn’t want to.  I’m sure you can relate 🙂

Monday:  My coach did schedule a run today but I am taking this week off as well.  I think after a marathon you deserve 2 weeks of not running.  I did sign up for a pop-up 10k to get a sub hour time for 2018 races but its a 10k so I’m not terribly worried about taking the extra week off 😛  Back to 15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses to loosen up these tight muscles.


CHIME IN!!!  What do you do post marathon?  If you are in Houston are you doing the Rodeo Run?  How was your week?


4 thoughts on “Workout Recap 1/10-16

  1. So do you work for Disney or do you just absolutely love the Disney theme? I’ve always wanted to ask you that since it appears you do so many of their races. I love the aspect of doing the cruise after, and good for you for getting the legs moving post marathon! Motion is lotion 😉 Enjoy your recovery and vacation!

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    1. I dont work for Disney but I do work for Dream Come True Vacations which is an authorized Disney Vacation Planning agency which is awesome! I also have a deep love of all things Disney 🙂 The cruise was so great I just wish it was longer, vacations are always too short. Motion is lotion, love that!!

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