Workout Recap

Getting back into the swing of things this week.  I’m doing Blogilaties 28 day reset but modified a little because I don’t want to workout for 28 days straight!  This week was about getting back into the habit of working out, it didn’t go as planned but something is better than nothing!

Tuesday:  Day 2 of PIIT 1.0 and its rough!  I only did 3 rounds instead of 4.  In my defense I haven’t worked out for about 2 weeks so easing back into things is the safest way to go I think.

Wednesday:  I was going to run today, woke up and decided nope I want more sleep and that’s just what I did.  Day 3 of PIIT 1.0 that night and some foam rolling for the legs to be ready for tomorrow.

Thursday:  I decided to go for a 30 minutes, get the legs moving run today.  I even took the dogs and they were so happy about it.  The pace was slow but I got back out there and it was very nice to have no pace goals and just run.  I did not do PIIT tonight because I was actually feeling pretty depressed and I couldn’t motivate myself to do it.  I did run that morning though so I didn’t feel so bad.

Friday:  PIIT day 4 and got the rounds up to 4 today.  I have to modify a lot of the moves because I’m not strong enough yet to last but at least I’m doing something!  Stretching and foam rolling after.

Saturday:  I was going to run today with my running club, but I got up, it was cold and I decided my bed was much more inviting than the outdoors.  Usually that’s not the case I can almost always get my butt out the door when its cold but today I wasn’t having any of it.  Brunch with my girl Amy instead and we did go on a nice hour walk so technically I got my exercise in!

Sunday:  I didn’t do any workouts today, not even cleaning like I should have and I’m not sad about it at all.

Monday:  PIIT day 5 today.  Keep on plugging along trying to get back into decent shape and one day be able to do these workouts all the way through with no modifications!  Stretching and foam rolling after the workout.

CHIME IN!!!  How did your workouts go this week?  Have you struggled with motivation?  What’s your go-to at home workout?

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