Keep Portland Weird

A little while back I was sent to Seattle for work and decided to extend my weekend and make a quick trip over to Portland.  I’ve heard its an awesome city with a lot of charm and, hey, it was a $75 flight away so why not!?


I used my miles to get Joe to Portland as well.  We arrived pretty late Friday night but Saturday greeted us with blue skies and cool temps.  We had quite a few outdoor activities we wanted to check out and wasted no time getting started.


First stop was breakfast.  I had two places I heard great things about and the first one we tried was “Screen Door”.  In the Northside of Portland this popular breakfast/brunch spot opens at 9am and when we arrived at 9:30am there was already a 30-45 minute wait!!!  Luckily the food was delicious but the real highlight was the spiced hot apple cider.  YUM!!  It was perfection in a cup.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the pimento cheese biscuit sandwich but Joe really like his hash.

After breakfast we headed over to the Saturday market.  This is a huge outdoor market featuring a ton of vendors selling arts and crafts style products.  This market is only available from spring to fall so we were lucky to check it out.  We strolled the stalls and weren’t blown away by much but we did buy a beautiful painting from an artist for $38!!!  What a find!  I cannot wait to find a frame and hang it in our home.


After we left the market we walked along the waterway to enjoy the fully bloomed cherry blossom trees.  There were so many people out but we didn’t mind, it was just beautiful to see all the flowers.  Of course copious amounts of photos ensued.


After we had our fill of cherry blossoms we headed over to the Chinese gardens.  Its supposedly the most authentic garden outside of China.  It was $10 per person to enter and it was pretty crowded but it was beautiful.  I loved all the details in the walkways, it was probably my favorite thing out of the whole garden.

We didn’t stay at the garden very long because it was so crowded and headed over to Washington Park to see the International Rose test garden.  Unfortunately for me I didn’t check to see when the roses would be in bloom.  When we arrived it was a giant construction zone with a bunch of cut down rose plants.  Not at all the beautiful rose garden I thought we were going to see.  That’s on me though, I should have checked to see when they bloom.


After the disappointment of the rose garden we walked up to the Japanese Gardens.  Here again was an admission fee of $9 per person.  Here again plants were not in bloom for another few weeks.  While everything was green the beautiful trees that bloom were still dormant.  I did enjoy the garden but man I just wanted to see all the beautiful flowers.  Again though that’s on me for not fully looking into the details.  This garden will be the most beautiful in the fall with the changing of leaves.


After the gardens it was time to hit up some of the many breweries around town.  Joe picked quite a few and we made our way around Portland.  I didn’t drink much because, well, you know, I don’t like beer.  Here’s where we went:

At Bushwhacker we also tried out the Angry Unicorn food truck and I was disappointed but Joe loved his burger.  Meh…just meh.


After the last cider house and dinner it was time to go back to the hotel and get some sleep.  We will be heading out to Mount Hood tomorrow for wineries!!  More to come on that day in another post.  Before that, enjoy a crazy photo of me being eaten by the…lack of…roses.


Lastly, on the day we left, we stopped at VooDoo Donuts.  I was really worried about the line because the 2 days before we say a mass of people outside the store and heard the wait was more than 45 minutes.  Well I shouldn’t have been worried on a Monday morning…we walked right in and ordered our donuts.  I got the fruit loops and oreo donuts and Joe got the captain crunch.  Both of mine were big disappointments.  The donuts was fine as donuts go but the toppings were close to stale and I don’t know they just were cold and unimpressive.  I’m glad I didn’t have to wait in line for these I would have been PISSED.


CHIME IN!!!  Do you like breweries?  Are you an indoor or outdoor person?  Have you been to Portland?


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