The Road to Freedom Week 1

1 week down, 52 more to go!  I would say its the final countdown but I think that might be a bit too dramatic.  I’m not really sure how to format these journey posts so expect to see these evolve over time.  For this post I think I’ll break this week down into the good, the bad, and the ugly…because I love a good movie reference!


The Good:  I devoted a good chunk of time to cleaning out the office.  There is so much stuff in the tiny closet I knew that was where I needed to start.  I managed to get a pretty solid pile of things to sell in our community garage sale next month!  I also threw away a lot of stuff.  Things I held on to for sentimental reasons, but looking back at them through a different lens really made me see they hold no sentiment for me, they were just things.  It felt crazy good to throw away all those faded memories.  Someone please tell me why I need to hold on to a scarf I never wore from a play I was in that I didn’t really love.

I also talked with my fellow blogger According to Britt about this plan and now she’s on the bandwagon too!  It feels great to have someone to scheme with, talk struggles with, and have support!  Oh and you should totally check out her Instagram account, it’s full of beautiful travel inspiration!

I also went to Walt Disney World this week and guess what you guys…I came back with more money than I thought I would!!  I kept my spending in check and still had a wonderful time.  I admit it was really strange to not walk through all the stores and check out the new merchandise.  Reading that back I see how stupid and materialistic that sounds and that is the kind of thinking I need to break.  Baby steps people!!


The Bad:  I did decide to go ahead with my May trip to Walt Disney World with my partner in crime Amy!  We went to Flower and Garden Festival last year and I think we are going to make it an annual meet-up!  I’m only putting this in the “bad” category because I decided to add a trip to the year which means spending money.  It’s not all bad though because the money I didn’t spend I will use for this trip.  I know what you’re thinking, “Rachael, you should use that to pay off some of that debt.”  Yes, dear reader, you are 100% correct, but I also take this trip as an opportunity to share with my friends and clients how to travel to Walt Disney World on a shoe-string budget.  IT CAN BE DONE!


The Ugly:  I’m going to lay some cold hard truth on you guys, it super sucks listing items on eBay.  Taking photos, getting descriptions, finding a title that will get people to click and buy your listings.  It sucks, I hate doing it.  I have a whole box full of things I need to list on eBay, I just need to make the time to list everything.  Now that I’m back from my trip I will be able to carve out some time this weekend to knock these items out.  I’ll share a link to my shop when I’m all done so if your interested you can snag up some pretty awesome pieces, like this one below!


CHIME IN!!!  What goals are you working to achieve?  Do you sell things on eBay?  How is your week?



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