Having that Ah-Ha Moment

This last week I spent most of my time in Corpus Christi for work and didn’t do any more cleaning out.  What I did do was write.  I have been so behind in my race recaps for this blog I decided to sit down and write up those posts as well as edit the photos for them.  What ended up happening was me drafting more than 10 posts!  Get ready for some awesome travel and race recaps people!

When I got home on Thursday I had the opportunity to attend a Toy Story Land preview for travel agents hosted by the Walt Disney Travel Company.  Being a travel planner for Dream Come True Vacations we are invited to such events and I was really excited it was right in my backyard in the galleria area of Houston!  I’m not great at big events like this where I don’t know anyone and get intimidated when I see all these people who know each other.  It’s silly but its one of my character flaws.  When I checked in I awkwardly introduced myself to two ladies in front of me and we started chatting and I ended up spending the event with them and had a blast.  I normally hate “industry” events but not this time.  I met some wonderful ladies, had a delicious meal, was thoroughly entertained by the presentation and overall had a fantastic time.  I walked away from the event knowing I had found my people and my true calling in life.  It was so crazy…in the most amazing way.

Never in my life have I felt so at home as I did at this event.  I have been involved in many events and organizations through my years in hospitality but all of them felt like a chore.  I had to talk myself into going and when I would leave I felt drained.  With this event, I was a little excited to see what it was all about and when I left was all kinds of hyped up.  It was this stark contrast that was so eye-opening for me.  I was still awkward with meeting people, I still felt a little out of place but I didn’t dread going, I didn’t feel like every ounce of my energy was spent and I found myself looking forward to the next one!

Do you ever just get so used to things being a certain way that you just assume that’s always how its going to be?  The glass was shattered my friends, shattered!  Its so silly too because the information that was shared at the event was basically word for word information that has previously been shared through press releases.  Nothing new was presented, just a more exciting way to emphasize what we already knew (well at least the people who pay attention to the press releases).  And yet, it was exciting, it was energizing, it was fun.  I mean, come on, how often do you go to a lunch and learn and have Buzz Lightyear and Woody show up!



While this week didn’t have me cleaning more rooms or getting rid of more stuff, I did have an ah-ha moment.  It’s exactly what I needed this week!  I also had a great end to the week with my eBay items.  While I didn’t sell a lot of items, I did sell almost $400 worth!!!  Que excited happy dance 🙂  I had a few items that sold for a lot more than what I listed or expected which was a nice surprise.  Now I have to package them up and send them off to their new homes.  Bittersweet, but mostly sweet since I get to use that money to get closer to my goals!!  I still have over 50 items listed on ebay, mostly vinylamtions at this point but once I get additional free listings I’ll be adding my pins as well.  Here is the link again in case your interested.

For the upcoming week I’m going to tackle the various closets in the house as well as my jewelry box.  Its really hard to get rid of jewelry so wish me luck!  I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to deal with selling these pieces yet so if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments I would love some input!



CHIME IN!!!  Have you sold jewelry before?  When was your last ah-ha moment?  Do you still use eBay?

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