Where Did the Week Go?!

This week kinda flew by and I don’t feel like I got as much done as I thought I would!  Last weekend I was at my most productive!  I went and visited my sister in law and she refreshed my color.  I have teal at the bottom of my hair and that needs to be touched up about every 8 weeks to keep from getting nasty.  Luckily Geri also has the same teal in her hair so she does her’s when I do mine.  Its a family affair 🙂  Of course that also means I get to spend some time with my little monster nephew Nicholas!  He’s adorable and the only baby in the family so of course he gets spoiled rotten by this aunt (affection and presents duh).  I’d post a picture of him, but he’s not my child and I don’t want to invade his little child privacy like that.


See the back of my head, that’s from the first time Geri did my hair.  This color was only 4 days old at the time.  So pretty!

2 Sundays back I had a meeting with a wonderful new client.  I love talking to you guys in person its so much fun and always brightens my day.  Of course I could talk Disney all day but talking about how to make someones vacation the best and most memorable is my favorite thing 😀 (check out my vacation planning page here) After the meeting I went to Home Depot and got some paver stones for our backyard.  Our silly dogs have been eating the dirt back there and tracking in in to the house for weeks now and its driving me insane.  We are going to (sadly) cover that whole back area with pavers to STOP THE MADNESS!!!  The crappy part is, its going to cost about $400 in those pavers to get that done.  Luckily we save money each month for home things so it will get done, I just hate that the money is going towards that and not a kitchen update (#firstworldproblems).

Anyway, I was at Home Depot alone and totally thought nothing of the fact that I loaded 22 pavers on to a cart.  Well my back thought someone of it and apparently I pulled a muscle and EVERYTHING HURT AND I DIED the next day.  Oh my gosh…it was my entire left back muscle so just walking was a chore.  Lesson learned, leave the heavy lifting to Joe he clearly is better at it than I am lol.

Sunday wasnt all hard labor though, I also boxed up all the ebay packages!  I save all my smaller amazon boxes for things like that so I don’t have to buy any boxes.  I boxed and labeled everything, said a prayer to little 8 ounce baby Jesus that I didn’t mix up anyones orders and had Joe take them to the post office the next morning (he drives by one on his way to work everyday).  To cap the night off I had a nice bottle of wine someone gave us for Christmas.  It was yummy and probably helped numb the oncoming back pain.

The rest of the week was a lot of day job stresses that left me not wanting to do much in the way of cleaning when I got home.  I did manage to go through our linen closet, coat closet and jewelry box though!  I also made more limoncello and took some new flat lays of skirts for the shop (shop link here).


This past Saturday Joe put the pavers down that we bought the weekend before and I was running around like crazy person.  Meeting with clients, grocery shopping, all the laundry, more listings on ebay.  Then to chill that night we had a lovely game night with some friends who I love hanging out with because they are so low key and easy to talk to.  Extra bonus they just got an outdoor propane fire pit and we made s’mores!!  I LOVE s’mores!!!

To cap the whole week off, yesterday Brittany and I went and scoped out photo-shoot locations.  Meaning, we spent the afternoon looking for beautiful graffiti walls around the city of Houston.  There are a lot but not all of them right for what I was looking for.  My favorite I think is this hummingbird.  Its kinda further out than the others but I think it would look stunning that the purple skirt above, don’t you think?


Man, i felt like I didnt get a lot done but when you write it all out like that it was a lot!  No wonder I was so exhausted by the end of the day yesterday!  On to a new week with new challenges!!!

CHIME IN!!!  What did you accomplish this week?  Do you lift with your legs?  Do you have crazy dogs?

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