Surprise Visit!

This week was surprisingly more magical thanks to a last minute/surprise visit from my good friend Amy!!  It was super last minute and super short but I was so happy to have her visit us for a few days.  It was also slightly a business visit since we are starting a podcast together.  In fact, we even recorded our first episode!!  You can check it out on our website here.  I’m still figuring out how to get it on stitcher and all those other platforms…who knew podcasting was so complicated!!  Well, our first episode dropped and we are hard at work on our next one.  We spent some time deciding what we want our podcast to be, what we want to talk about and some basic future episodes.  The hardest part though was figuring out how to record and host the episodes.  4 hours later, we did it!!!  There is still some tech work Amy is going to get her fiance to help with but all in all I’m pretty impressed with us!


In other impressive news, Amy wanted to do a low key day in Houston since she unfortunately hasn’t been feeling well.  We headed over to Yucatan Taco Stand (my favorite little restaurant at the Waterway in the Woodlands) to sit on the patio and enjoy the beautiful day and have some lunch.  Post lunch we walked over to the mall so Amy could get a new outfit for her new fancy job.  I’m so excited for this new opportunity for her and I love helping people pick out clothes.  Extra high five bonus I didn’t spend any money!!  Y’all, it was so hard.  I wanted to walk over to Alex & Ani to get the new Paris collection bracelets, I wanted to get a new band for my watch at fossil, I wanted to get a new outfit at the Ann Taylor Loft with Amy…so many things I wanted to do but I exercised self control and didn’t.  The struggle was real but I did well.  High fives all around!!


After Amy left it was a pretty quiet rest of the week.  I had an eye exam and stayed under budget with a new pair of glasses!!  Let’s talk about that for a second.  I had my eye exam at Target Optical and decided to just do the glasses today.  I wear contacts on a daily basis but I don’t switch them out like I should so I have a few boxes still.  My glasses are super old and falling apart so I decided that this is the year for a new pair.  Also if you go to an eye exam and tell them you wear contacts they charge you a stupid amount like $85 or so for the exam rather than the $10 co-pay citing contacts fitting or some crap like that.  Its stupid and totally an insurance thing but whatever.  I skipped the contact fitting and just went for glasses.  Once I had the eye exam and glasses prescription in hand I went over to the eye glass section.  Before my appointment I had a little time to kill so I narrowed down my options to two colors.  I asked Joe and Geri for their opinion and landed on my final selection.  Now it was time for the giant sticker shock.  As luck would have it Target Optical was running a $100 off special if you got a full pair of glasses.  I also had a $25 off coupon for being a first time customer.  That made my glasses total $195 (for their top tier lenses and $99 frames).  As an added bonus I have the Target red card (the one attached to your bank account, not the credit card) which gives you an additional 5% off, which made my glasses total $185.  Add in the $10 co–pay and I’m $5 under budget!!!  I was so happy!!  I don’t have the glasses yet though, so here is a picture of a giant skull that was in Yucatan Taco Stand.


After getting my glasses squared away I met up with Geri and Nick for lunch.  Both Joe and Chris are out at the ranch for the weekend so we were both alone.  Plus, the Target Optical I went to was like 3 miles from their house.  It’s always nice spending time with family, especially one as cute as Nicholas.  After lunch I headed back home to work on some sequin ears!!  Now before you ask, all the supplies I used for these ears I already had. Well, I did have to purchase the headband but I did that a while ago.  Joe and I make sequin skirts (link here) and always have quite a bit of extra fabric from each skirt.  I wanted to see if I can figure out how to make Mickey ears as a way to use that extra fabric.  I found a good tutorial online and went to work.  For the most part the tutorial was good.  Some notes for the future: I will make the actual ears bigger, I will make the bow a little smaller, I will use a fatter foam on the inside to make a better flat surface to glue the ear to the headband, I will use a pair of ears I currently own as a guide for ear placement (the ones I made were crooked).  I was pleasantly surprised how not horrible making these are so in the future I think I might include a pair with each sequin skirt purchase as a fun surprise!  I like fun surprises!


I did have a sad realization this week.  I made a few different mock budget models and realized that getting the car I really want (Lexus NX) is probably not the best idea for the life plan.  I decided to downgrade a little and go the Chevy Equinox route.  There are a lot of reasons for this #1 being the Chevy is $10,000 cheaper and #2 the Chevy, Joe can do maintenance on but not the Lexus.  Long term the Chevy is the cheaper route.  It makes me a little sad but its the best decision.  Now I know what your probably thinking, why are you even talking about getting a new car anyway if you are going to quit your job.  Here is another marriage life lesson for you.  Sometimes we, as a married person, do things we think are stupid to make our spouses happy.  Joe is dying for me to get a new car.  He’s slightly obsessed with new cars and has been asking for a new one for years.  I am of the school where you don’t get a new car until your current one has died.  Because of that we both have pretty old/high mileage cars.  To make Joe happy, its time to get a new car.  My old girl has seen a lot of the open road, but its rightly time for her to retire.  I love my car, I’ve had her for 15 years, but its time.  As far as the budget goes, I will still need to find a source of income post current daily grind.  If I didn’t we would not be able to save any money which is not what I want to do.  I have a few ideas in mind and luckily I have 9 months to figure that all out.  Until then, just plugging along on the goal to #nodebt and taking each day as it comes!


CHIME IN!!!  What kind of car do you want but cant have?  Do you like surprises?  How did you save money this week?

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