Life isn’t a Highway It’s a Roller-Coaster!

Well friends, this crazy thing we call life spun a little out of control these past few weeks and had me stepping back from the blog to deal with those curve-balls.

As far as the minimal spending track goes, well that was going pretty well.  I had some minor slip ups here and there but nothing very major.  We did pay off one credit card and are now tackling the next so yay for milestones!  We had the garage sale and made about $200 (right at what I was hoping for) and through eBay sales made an additional $950.  All in all not bad for selling things we had around the house!

img_0238Not selling things related but we did go to a re-imagining event at Robard’s and it was phenomenal!

Now for the set-back.  Two weeks ago Joe was in a car accident that totaled his Nissan Versa 😦  He is fine, no one else was involved, it was just a matter or bad rain, slick roads and sleepy eyes.  They are called accidents for a reason but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.  You guys know we had planned to get a new car at the end of the year once we were a little further along in the life plan phase.  Unfortunately we had to move everything around.  Now, not only did we have to get a “new” car, but we also no longer had the Versa.  The original plan was to retire the Mustang and keep driving the Versa till it bit the dust.  By that time the “new” car would be paid off and it would be time to get Joe another car.  All a great plan on paper, but life…well she had other ideas.

It’s a really long and drawn out story of all the financial moving pieces, which I will spare you but at the end of the day we got a car that we can comfortably afford and its the car that I wanted.  While this unfortunate incident forced us to cancel Joe’s 40th birthday plans (goodbye for now Africa), we aren’t stretched too thin and can still continue on the life plan journey.  It sucks that it had to happen this way but sometimes that just how it goes.

As far as the car, well, Joe found me almost 100% what I wanted.  I have, for a long time now, wanted a Lexus NX.  Not really because of the brand but because that body style looks fierce and fit me.  We went back and forth on getting a brand new car (Chevy Equinox) which I liked but wasn’t super thrilled about.  Our friend Joey found us a pretty nice deal on one even but Joe knew I really didn’t want that car so he went to researching.  Joe loves to research cars, does it all the time even when we are 0% not considering getting a car.  He was totally down to look for what I wanted.  I had a few must haves: pearl white exterior, key-less entry, push to start, back-up cam, automatic lift-gate and blue-tooth.  Some nice-to have’s were: heated seats and remote start.  While the car we ended up with didn’t have all the nice-to have’s it did have all my must haves!

IMG_20180501_100701New cars are never my thing, used is the way to go!

Anyone who has purchased a car before knows how annoying the process is.  Joe had set up a time for us to test-drive the car and talk pricing.  He had already negotiated the price down but it wasn’t what I was willing to pay.  Financing secured (thanks Dad) we headed to the dealership.  Through the years I have learned some negotiating tactics but in this instance the biggest move I had was the fact I was willing to walk away from the car if they didn’t meet my price.  Joe had a few other cars in other cities lined up.  Yes it would have been a pain to purchase outside of Houston (Jacksonville in particular) but if it was the price I wanted for the car I wanted then whatever we would make it work.  We did end up leaving the dealership in Houston because they just didn’t want to match my walk out price.  Yes I was upset but hey, I had a very firm budget to stick to and I was not going to waiver, that was more important than this car.  Turns out they really wanted that sale after all and called us not 10 minutes after we had left to said they agreed to my walk out price.  It didn’t hurt that we went on April 30th, the last day of the month when dealerships might be scrambling to make their numbers!

I was pretty proud of myself.  This was the first time I was buying a car as an adult, the last time I bought a car was 15 years ago with my dad when I was in college.  I run my cars OUT y’all!  Anyway, I was pretty proud of myself and Joe for finding a car that fit my needs and a price that fit our budget.  We did, all in all, spend over 4 hours at the dealership but to have it done and walk away with the car keys was a pretty great feeling.

You want to know something stupid though, having this new car, just doesn’t feel as special as it should.  I blame it on the fact that for my job, I get a rental car almost every-other week.   That makes me feel like I’m getting a brand new car every other week.  It’s a nice work perk but it stinks that getting all these rental cars sucked the joy out of getting my own new car.  Its so weird!!!

Ok so that was the main source of drama, but you have it admit it was a lot right?!  Well in the middle of all that I had to travel for work to SandFest in Port Aransas for the weekend.  Good and bad because we only had one car but could have used that time to find a new one.  Anyway, I was at SandFest and it was really great.  The sculptors are incredibly talented, there were some awesome vendors out and the weather was some of the best Texas has had in a while.  Being that it was a weekend though it totally threw off my schedule for everything.  I’m so discombobulated at this point I don’t know what day it is or what city I’m in.  Its a bit of a mess but things will slow down soon…I hope!  Just to give you an idea of the crazy, since I last blogged I’ve been to Laredo, McAllen, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Houston (obviously), and now South Padre Island.  Crazy times people!!!


A lot has happened in the last few weeks and I’m definitely leaving things out too.  This week I’m in South Padre for work then I’m off to Walt Disney World for some much needed relaxation at Flower and Garden Festival.  Another kind of crazy in a whole different way!!!  I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures to share when I get back.

CHIME IN!!!  When was the last time you bought a new-to-you car?  Have you been to SandFest?  How has your week been?


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