You’ll Never Guess Where I Went

Actually if you know me at all you probably can guess where I went…to WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!  I had a girls trip planned for last weekend but ended up going alone and had THE BEST TIME!  Let’s chat about it!


Before I left for Walt Disney World my schedule was pretty hectic at work planning an event and visiting South Padre Island.  Personally, the time since I last posted just flew by!  The good thing about traveling so much is its making this time until March 2019 whiz past.  Being gone for work also makes it a little easier to focus on saving money.  I don’t know what it is but traveling a lot makes me want to vegetate when I get home, which usually means not spending money.  Its a win win all around!  We have been able to pay off one credit card, get the balance down on the second one by almost half and have been doing pretty well with the momentum.  If we can keep up this pace we will be able to pay off the second card before the end of the year and start on the last card and be well on our way to debt free!!


On to Disney, because that’s really what I love to talk about!  I left for Walt Disney World last Friday and spent 4 magical days at the parks.  It rained 3 of the 4 days but that was fine with me, I had my rain jacket and rain means the crowds are a lower!  I had a great time doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  I went to the parks at the time I wanted to, rode all the rides I wanted to, met as many characters and took as many castle pictures as I wanted.  It was one of my favorite trips to be honest!  Yes I missed sharing these moments with someone else, but sometimes its nice to spend time with yourself.


My only frustration was I wanted to get product photos for my skirt shop (link here), but that’s a little hard to do by yourself in spots where there are no photopass photographers.  I was able to get a little creative but for the most part I wasn’t able to get all the style pictures I wanted.  That’s ok though, that means I have an excuse to come back again soon!!


One of the reasons for this trip was to go to the Flower and Garden Festival.  I’ve blogged about it before, but its a super fun festival at Epoct (click here for a recap).  Amy and I also released a podcast episode about it (click here) if you want to check that out.  I always enjoy the festival but felt this year was a little lacking compared to past years, at least in terms of flowers.  The food was top notch though, giving Food and Wine festival a run for its money!  I ate a lot but not all the booths because I didnt have enough time or room in my stomach 🙂  How about a photo dump to see some of the fun I got up to?!  Coming right up!!

This moment made my day!













After Disney I got my hair fixed!  I haven’t had my hair professional done in a very long time because we have been saving money.  My hair got to a point where I just hated looking at it everyday.  The color was all messed up and I just hated it.  My awesome sister-in-law Geri did what she could to tide me over and I am so grateful for all her help!  I wanted to get my hair done with the balayage technique, which she doesn’t feel 100% confident in so on to facebook to find someone who was an expert at that.  I found Karissa Headington who only does balayage.  All her instagram photos look amazing so I messaged her for a quote.  Her estimate was $250 which sounded reasonable for the amount of work and quality.  I booked her and was so happy with the result.  I wont do this all the time but ladies, I know you’ll agree with me, you sometimes just have to have great hair to have the confidence you need.  Stupid and anti feminist I get it but whatever I wanted nice hair!  So happy with the results!  Now to see if its lasts and doesnt turn red in a month (which is typically my problem and I hate it).


Sunday night we had some drama in the neighborhood, our power went out for 4 hours!!!!  Oh man, it was crazy!  We had some bad weather but I don’t know what ultimately caused the outage.  Luckily the power came back right as we were getting our lanterns ready for bed.  With the power out we cleaned up the garage, sat in the garage and just talked then when the mosquitoes got too crazy went inside and played battleship.  It was actually really nice to get away from the TV and reconnect after a crazy month of travel for me.  We also talked about our ideas for our January trip.  We are trying to decided between Sintra Portugal and Milan Italy.  We are going to Barcelona first then the second city is up for debate.  I think I will like Sintra better, but what do you guys think?!


This week I’m back in Corpus Christi then its going to be a nice long 3 day weekend for Memorial Day!  The only plans we have are for blueberry picking and relaxing with friends, I cannot wait!

CHIME IN!!!  What’s your favorite festival?  Have you been to Sintra or Milan?  What are you doing for memorial day?

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