It’s Blueberry Season!

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  I feel like this holiday is the unofficial kick-off to summer.  Celebrating our military with cook-outs, pool parties and family and friends.  We did just that this weekend plus blueberris!!!

If you live in the Conroe/North Houston area, you have to check out Moorehead’s Blueberry Farm.  I have been coming here since I was a kid and they have some truly delicious blueberries.  Last year we came too late (around the middle of June) and almost all the blueberry bushes had been picked over.  It took us over an hour to pick maybe 7 pounds worth.  This year we decided to go opening weekend to make sure we stocked up!  We brought along our friend and new suburban life convert Heather, as well as my brother, sister-in-law and nephew.  We headed out pretty early to try and beat the heat as well as the crowds.  Well, we beat neither as this weekend was one of the hottest so far this season.  As for the crowds…oh my goodness it was PACKED!!!  Luckily the blueberry farm is HUGE so we didn’t really feel crowded until we had to stand in line for 20+ minutes to pay for our haul.  Luckily, when you’re with friends the time passes rather quickly.  When it was our turn to check out, we found we had picked almost 25 pounds!!!  We were only picking for about an hour so you can see the big different time of year makes when picking blueberries.  Oh and cash or check only, these guys are old school!  I didn’t take many pictures because I was enjoying the company but we all had a good time with bellies full of blueberries.  We were all good and sweaty by the time we were done but nothing a shower wont fix!


As for the rest of the week before, it was pretty uneventful being in Corpus Christi.  I did attend a check presentation ceremony in Port Aransas for the money raised during SandFest.  It was so awesome to see money being given to some great non-profit organizations who have worked so hard to get the community back up and running!  For those of you that don’t know, Port Aransas was one of the cities in Texas that was most impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  They have made great strides in recovery but there is still a long way to go.  I feel honored to have been a part of helping this community.  Fun fact, SandFest brought in about $6million in revenue to the city!  Simply amazing!


I’m getting frustrated with the lack of weight loss despite my better eating habits and being more consistent with working out.  Hopefully I’ll get some help when I go to my physical in 2 weeks.  I did start back up with Blogilaties (click here) and those workouts are at least making me sore so I feel like I’m making strength progress which is important for running.  As far as running is concerned, we are having a hate relationship right now.  I have been having pain in my feet that isn’t going away so I have to go see a podiatrist in 2 weeks as well.  Apparently your whole body falls apart after 30…and I don’t appreciate it!  Hopefully everything will get sorted out ASAP I need to get my body used to the heat before its too intense to run in.

IMG_20180529_095905_842I posted this on Instagram the other day and was reminded of one of the reasons I fell in love with Florence

For spending/money goals update we have had some spending setbacks.  Nothing that we NEEDED but sometimes old habits die hard.  I have tried to stay off Amazon as much as possible, but with a new car I find that I need things for it.  Like a clock and a sunshade.  Do I need those things, no.  Did I buy them anyway, yes.  Its a battle folks, and sometimes there are setbacks.  Luckily these purchases combined were only $25 but still.  Right now I’m trying to avoid temptation from getting a new planner.  Someone told me about a planner brand that has all these extra pages you can add like blog planning, social media planning, addresses…so many extra pages.  I am a die hard planner so its super tempting but luckily, right now, the price tag is keeping me at bay.  Come black friday though I make no promises!


I’ve also decided to revamp my personal instagram account.  I have so many pictures from my various travels that have never seen the light of day and that’s just a shame.  I’m going to try and edit and post a photo from somewhere at least 3 times a week.  I took these photos for a reason so why not share them!  Like the one above of our gondola ride.  That was such a fun experience but I don’t think I shared any photos from it!  No more photo hording, I’m going to share the fun!!

CHIME IN!!!  Do you hoard your travel photos?  Have you been blueberry picking before?  How do you deal with your financial setbacks?

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